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Stratego services respect the three aspects: Communication, Strategy and Tactics, in the political and the business field.

More specifically, Stratego services concern:
  • Communication strategy, Recommendation for actions, selection of means, development of messages, configuration and management of public image, Image development and reputation management, planning and implementation of advertising campaigns. Leaflets, posters, media listings, TV and radio spots, promotional events, below the line communication, telephone communication campaigns, direct mail etc.
  • Complete services of non-advertising communications.
  • Political speech and speechwriting support.
  • Consulting, monitoring of strategy implementation, tactics.
  • Consulting on communication, strategy and public relations’ issues.
  • Planning and directing quantity and quality researches.
  • Crisis management
  • Applied use of Internet and innovative means.
  • Seminars of public speaking techniques, media appearences, crisis management etc.