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Stratego elections project for Municipal and Constituency elections
“Stratego elections” is a complete program which we have put together specializing on elections and fully covering the following guidelines:
  • Election Campaign Planning.
  • Communication/Advertising Campaign.
  • Other Actions of Communication and Publicity.
  • Political support of Candidates.
  • Election campaign follow-up program
Election Campaign Strategy
The proper election strategy ensures that the effort and the expenses on behalf of the candidate will have the best result possible.
  • Identification of political field.
  • Correct positioning of the candidate. Candidate’s placement in competition and comparative assets compared to his opponents.
  • Political planning and designation of general platform of strategy.
  • Development of basic timetable of campaign.

Towards this goal we consider essential that are conducted:
  • Quantitative survey (polls) for the assessment of public opinion’s tendencies.
  • Quality research (focus group) on the analysis of trends of the electoral body or certain groups.
Communication/ Advertising Campaign
The candidate’s advertising campaign (in all means needed) is crucial because it’s the most massive communication with their voters. Concept, style and philosophy of campaign.
  • Main message (slogan) and side messages.
  • Candidate’s main pre-election leaflet (brochure).
  • Other election leaflets (brochures), according to the needs (combination, assessment of work, candidate advisors, special issues etc)
  • Candidate’s poster.

It’s possible to compile:
  • Radio spots.
  • Television spot, especially for local channels.
  • Newspapers’ listings, especially for local ones.
  • DVD which will be distributed to the voters.
  • Door-to-door delivery of election material.
  • Stratego can also undertake the role of advertising consultant.
Other Communication and Publicity actions
According to the election needs and the skills of each candidate, a election campaign can be reinforced by a series of other actions, which Stratego can support:
  • Special timetable of the candidate’s political initiatives, appearances, and visits.
  • Event organization.
  • Direct mail to the voters and special groups of public.
  • Telephone campaign or information of candidates’voters/friends on their activities.
  • Website creation and support and Internet advertising.
  • Special thematic campaigns.
  • Creation or/and exploitation of publicity chances.
Candidate’s political support
The candidate’s political presence can be aided by technocrats and communication experts, apart from his or her team.
Defining points of Political Speech (and basic arguments) of the candidates and their colleagues, for every public appearance.
Candidates’ speeches (mainly presentation of party’s list and central pre-election speech)
Speechwriting support for large-scale interviews and articles.

We can also offer:
  • Press releases and other interviews’ editing etc.
  • Sound Bites.
  • Consulting on basic political issues.
  • Contribution to the candidate program’s proper drawing-up and presentation.
  • Consulting services so as to confront the opponents’ arguments.
  • Candidates’ guidance for the public appearances.
  • Media Training.
  • Crisis Management (risk prevention, identification of crisis reasons, actions to overcome them, exploitation of potential chances)
Programme of Tracking Election Campaigns.
Aiming at a comprehensive and consistent election campaign, it is essential that its accuracy of planning and implementation is monitored. Towards this goal, Stratego can offer the following services:
  • Verification of campaign goals.
  • Regular consulting with each candidate.
  • Monitoring of political opponents.

In exceptional cases, an expert consultant is provided for the daily handling of work (day-to-day handling).